Our pups go home with a prepaid international Microchip. At the time of pick up, we will inform you to update the records of the dog’s microchip. Since the dog’s microchip primary contact information is under our name, our address, and our phone number. 

So please take the 2 minutes to update the records. This will help the Siberian Husky puppy or Doberman Pinscher if she/he gets lost. One in three pets will go missing in their lifetime. If the puppy is one of those 3 pups every second count. 

Did you know that far too often pets who have microchips remain in shelters because their owners cannot be located because the microchip was NEVER updated? Do you want your husky or Doberman puppy to be one of those pups?


The reason this is the topic of this week’s blog is that we got a call from animal control from Texas, yesterday. Stating they found a puppy with a microchip I brought. This means the parents of the pup never updated the records. The lady then proceeded to provide me with the microchip number. 

It took me a while to find out who the microchip number belongs to. However, the parents of this pup no longer had the phone number nor email I had on the records. So I could not get a hold of them. At this point, I thought my baby was going to be stuck at the animal control. That is when my mother, the other breeder, informed me to look them up on Facebook since I have the parent’s name. So I did. That is when I noticed I follow the husky pup’s parents on Instagram. Finally, I could get a hold of them. I DM them and informed the parent of the Siberian Husky puppy where to pick up the puppy. Today the parent of the Husky puppy will be picking him up. 

Please ensure that you update the records of the microchip. You, us, and the puppy want to ensure the puppy goes back home. 

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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Photo by Luiza Sayfullina on Unsplash