Picture Day For Our Puppies

||Picture Day For Our Puppies

Picture Day For Our Puppies

The following are information is when its picture day for our puppies.

1 day to 3 days old:

The first picture day is the day they are born up to 3 days old. This all depends on when the mother gave birth to her puppies and how busy we are. 

For instance, let’s say the mother gave birth to her puppies at night. This means we did not get any sleep. Since we assist the mother. Even when it’s not her first litter. We want the mother to know she is not alone and if she needs any help she has us.  In this case, once its morning we are all tired. We typically do our morning routine. Which consists of feeding the dogs and puppies, picking up after them, giving them their dewormings and/or shots if they are due. Once the morning routine is done, we all take naps. Therefore this day we do not take pictures. 

picture day husky palace

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

2 to 3 weeks old:

The second picture day is when all the puppies in the litter have opened their eyes. 

4 to 5 weeks old:

From this point forward the pictures are taken every 2 weeks. 

2 weeks after the 2nd picture day is when we take more pictures. 

6 to 7 weeks old: 

During the 4th or 5th picture day is when we take pictures and a video. The video all depends if all the pups in the litter are active. Since they tend to be active and start to obtain their personalities around 6 weeks old.  

8 weeks old and older:

After the puppies are 8 weeks old we will take picutres every 2 or 3 weeks.

God bless and Go Tigers!

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