We have been recieving many emails, texts, calls, and chats, asking questions in regards to the Coronavirus. We have decided to compile a frequents asked questions the potential parents of our pups have been asking. 

1) Can I still adopt a puppy from Husky/Doberman Palace?

Yes, you may. Our pups are still looking for loving and forever homes.

2) Are you still offering to ship your puppies?

One of the airlines we used is allowing pups to be shipped. However, during the season of Summer, we use another airline. Since the other airline provides air conditioner. Therefore shipping is not an option at the moment until the other airline allows pups to be shipped.

coronavirus- Husky Palace

Photo by CDC

3) What will I do if the vets close? How will I provide shots to my puppy?

I highly doubt the vets will close down. Since they are hospitals for our fur-babies. They might work less and have some precautions. Our vets are still working and are not planning to close down. Therefore, you will still be able to take the new puppy to the bet to continue getting his/her puppy shots as he/she grow up.

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Photo by CDC

4) Do you think I should get a puppy during this pandemic?

We can not answer this question for you. This is something you will need to talk to your family. I can say that many families are taking advantage of this quarantine and adopting a puppy. Since, they will be working from home and be able to be with the Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy. Train the puppy to be house and crate trained. Once we all go back to our normal schedule they no longer have to worry about leaving an untrained Husky/Doberman puppy at home.

5) Are you allowing families to pick up the puppy from your house?

Yes, we are. We always do a lot of cleaning. The only difference is we are not allowing families to see the parents or other pups. They can only come and pick up their puppy. The CDC has not received any reports of dogs being sick by the Covid-19. However, we want to be safe than sorry. We have multiple photos of the parents on the website. Check them out. 

6) Can I see the pups and determine which one I want to take home?

Typically we allow families to see a pup if she/he is available at 7-weeks old. This is for the safety of their health. Especially now during this pandemic (safety for us). Most if not all our pups are reserved by 7-weeks old. Therefore you might not have a chance to wait until then.


We hope these questions help you! Please keep safe.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

Learn more about what the CDC has to say about coronavirus and dogs.

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